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When a parent wants to block virtual visitation

Texas parents who are dealing with custody and visitation after a divorce might want to find out about virtual visitation. Virtual visitation refers to communication between a non-custodial parent and a child through texting, calling or video-conferencing. In fact, as the technology is available, courts have begun to award virtual visitation to parents that live too far away for physical contact.

Fighting a child custody battle

Texas parents who are going through a divorce and who want to win their child custody battle should have a plan of action before going to court. Taking time to learn the child custody laws and having a family law attorney to represent them are part of being fully prepared.

Going through a divorce in Texas when child custody is involved

March is the leading month for divorce filings, according to a University of Washington study. This month, which is right in the thick of the school year, may seem more convenient for parents looking to divorce in Texas. However, waiting until the summer months when school is out may actually be easier for some kids.

Fathers' rights and child custody

In Texas and the rest of the country, biological parents are entitled to pursue child custody or visitation. Whether the parents were married when the child was born is not considered a factor. Judges are obligated to make decisions regarding custody that benefit children the most. The involvement of both parents is typically considered to be beneficial to the child unless there is information that indicates this assumption may not be true.

Preventing child custody disputes during a divorce

Texas parents who are in the midst of a heated divorce may find it difficult to put their children first, especially if emotions are running high. However, it is important that they try to put their differences aside so that their kids can have a happy, stable childhood.

The challenges of child custody exchanges

When divorced parents in Texas harbor bad feelings towards each other, sharing custody of their children can be a challenge. One of the issues that can be particularly difficult for divorced parents is the exchange that must take place for visitation purposes. If divorced parents cannot keep their emotions in check, arguments may take place during pick-ups and drop-offs.

3 things to remember in child custody cases

Child custody is one of the most difficult agreements to work on during a divorce. While you do have the option of going through a trial and letting the court decide who is going to play what roles in the child's life, you also have the option of going through mediation to come up with a plan. Mediation enables you and your ex to work with a third-party to try to work out the details of the arrangement so that you can use your intimate knowledge of the situation to make decisions.

Determining paternity in Texas

If an unmarried Texas couple has a child, it is important that paternity be established as soon as possible. This is because establishing paternity creates a legal relationship between a father and child in addition to the biological one that they already have. For the father, it means that his name can go on the birth certificate and that he may have parental rights in the event that he and the child's mother split up.