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Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your divorce

Divorcing is difficult. Clearly, there are issues between you and your former spouse, or you wouldn't be ending your marriage. However, if you think you can work through your issues to reach mutually beneficial compromises, mediation may be in your best interest.

Divorce mediation can protect your children during divorce

Divorce is hard on children. It can be emotionally difficult to watch the two people they love most fighting. Particularly in cases where custody or support is contested, children can feel like they are in the middle of an impossible situation. If they are expected to testify or answer questions in a divorce hearing, they can feel responsible for the outcome and guilty about betraying one of their parents.

Mediation provides extra layer of divorce privacy

There are many, many reasons couples prefer the salacious details of their divorces not become part of the Texas public records. Maybe an extramarital affair left someone with a sexually transmitted disease or pregnant with an out-of-wedlock child. Physical or psychological infirmities could have caused sexual dysfunction like impotence that prevents marital relations between the spouses. Or perhaps one of the spouses is struggling to break the bonds of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. There can be quite a few intensely private and potentially humiliating reasons why couples no longer want to stay married.

Mediation may help resolve divorce issues

When Texas couples whose marriages are coming to an end can't agree on the terms of their divorce but want to avoid having a judge make the decisions for them, mediation may be a good compromise. With mediation, a mutually agreed upon neutral third party works with the spouses to resolve the divisive issues. Mediation usually is less expensive and quicker than a courtroom battle.

Divorce mediation can help achieve the desired outcome

Divorce is a complex process, one that involves many financial matters and emotional issues. As Texas readers know, the process can be stressful and lengthy, but divorce mediation may be a tool that can be leveraged for the benefit of all parties involved. Mediation not only allows couples to work through certain issues with the help of a neutral third party, it also can alleviate some of the stress and cost of a divorce.

If not collaborative divorce; what's the alternative?

Our previous post sought to reinforce for readers that divorce is not always handled in quite the same way as it used to be. As we noted, Texas law, courts and attorneys have started to adjust to the reality that litigation isn't always best when it comes to resolving family law issues.