Marital liabilities and divorce in Texas: Who has to pay for the debts?

When a couple divorces in Texas, all marital assets are subject to division. But what about debts? Do you have to pay for your spouse's debts?

How is child support enforced in Texas?

When a parent falls behind on child support payments, it can be hard on the whole family. Fortunately, there are a number of enforcement options available through The Texas Child Support Division to encourage parents to keep up with their support obligations.

Parenting plans and child custody determinations in Texas divorce cases

Learning more about how parenting plans and custody determinations work in Texas divorce cases is crucial to understanding your rights during your family law dispute. This article outlines the different possibilities available so you and your family can choose a plan that is right for you.

Think long and hard about mediation for your Texas divorce

Divorce is a difficult period for everyone, and while it may seem as though it is inevitably adversarial, it is possible to have a productive and less contentious way to solve your family law dispute. If you have financial concerns and want to protect the privacy of your family, mediation may be right for you.

Prenuptial agreements: an ounce of prevention

Protecting yourself and your future spouse from legal troubles down the road is only one of the many benefits to securing a prenuptial agreement. This preventative act could save you much strife in the long run and it may be useful for more situations than you think.

The basics of child support payments in Texas

Learn more about the length and calculation of child support payments in Texas. Discover the timelines that often apply to support for your children and understand how modifications and enforcements could impact your child support situation.

Finding the right attorney for your divorce

If you need guidance regarding finding the right attorney for your divorce, we can help. This article addresses the features of a firm and attorney that you should look for to meet your needs. Even if our firm is not the right fit for you, we want to make sure you find the right lawyer for your needs.

Might collaborative law be the right approach for your Texas divorce?

Collaborative law is an alternative method to handle your divorce. Often our clients have many questions about the benefits and disadvantages of a collaborative divorce versus other options, and this article can help guide you through determining whether this method of ADR may be right for you.

Texas prenuptial agreements can help prevent later disputes

Prenuptial agreements have a bad reputation in the press for only being useful for celebrities, people with lots of money, and protecting your assets from a spouse only interested in your possessions. Nothing could be further from the truth, prenuptial agreements are good for more than just an insurance policy against divorce — read more about the benefits today.

The rise in the gray divorce: Factors contributing to this phenomenon

More and more older couples in long-term marriages are getting divorced, this phenomenon is now known as "grey divorce". The needs and interests of an older couple divorcing after a long marriage are different from younger couples with small children and fewer assets, and it is important to work with an attorney who understands your unique needs.

Effectively managing social media during the Texas divorce process

Many people in Texas use social media websites to stay connected with their friends and family members. According to the Pew Research Center, as of January 2014, approximately 74 percent of all online adults used social networking sites. Although social networking can be beneficial, those going through the difficult process of divorce should be careful about how they use these websites as they end their marriage.