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Do you need to involve a family therapist in your Texas divorce?

Working with a Texas family therapist can create a solid foundation for life after divorce for kids and parents alike.

As you tend to different matters involving your upcoming divorce, take out a moment to think about what your kids may need. For instance, while you may know how you plan on telling your kids about the divorce, you may not know how to handle the emotional and mental impact the news can have. Could a Texas family therapist help you and your family adjust?

Knowing when to consider professional help

Not every family requires therapy when divorce becomes a reality. It is best that you learn to recognize the signs that your kids may need the help of a therapist. For instance, kids who feel guilty about the split, display signs of manipulation, have a shift in personality or engage in compulsive behavior could benefit from speaking with a family therapist.

Reducing hostility and emotional damage

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are hostile to each other therapy definitely deserves a spot on the checklist. Therapists experienced in working with divorcing couples can give you the tools you need to better manage your emotions and get through the divorce. Hostility often spills over onto children, who can suffer from emotional damage when their parents fight. Should such damage occur, or if there is a strong chance of it, mental health specialists can help kids make sense of their thoughts and emotions.

Removing kids from the middle ground

It is easy for kids to feel trapped in the middle when their parents get divorced. Feeling torn can easily lead to a confused psychological state. By bringing in therapist, children have a neutral third party with whom to discuss how they feel about both parents without feeling as if they have to take sides. This helps to focus on what is in the children’s best interest.

Focusing specifically on the kids

There are a lot of boxes to check during a divorce. That means parents may (accidentally) neglect their kids’ needs. Younger kids may not understand the totality and complexity of the stress their parents are under, and parents may miss indications that their kids are not okay, even though kids may say otherwise. By working with a therapist, there is a better chance that kids have all their needs met while mom and dad tend to all other aspects of their divorce.

While the legal and mental aspects of divorce do not always overlap, your Texas attorney could know of a good family therapist to recommend. Make good use of all your resources for the best outcome for you and your kids.