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February 2017 Archives

Delinquent child support and father involvement

Many Texas fathers who have gone through a divorce do not have shared or primary physical custody of their children. They are typically ordered by the court to pay support to the custodial parent. According to a study, fathers who owe back child support tend to spend less time their children, are more likely to have children with other partners and often work fewer weeks throughout the year than fathers who are current.

What happens to IVF embryos in a divorce?

When Texas parents divorce, there are clear guidelines in place to help determine who gets custody of the children and how much child support should be paid. However, another issue could arise if an estranged couple has unborn frozen embryos in storage. The matter could be complicated if the proper legal steps aren't taken.

How to protect assets with a trust

Texas parents often pass down assets to their children through a trust. However, the answer to the question of whether an ex-spouse may lay claim to assets in that trust is not always clear. One way to ensure that assets in a trust may not be split in a divorce is to include language that forbids it from happening.

Divorce and housing mistakes

Determining what to do with marital assets during a divorce is one of the many issues separating couples have to address. Individuals living in Texas who are considering getting a divorce may benefit from knowing what type of expensive housing mistakes can be avoided.