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Divorce acn be financially harmful

From a statistical standpoint, five out of every ten married individuals get divorced at some point in their lives. To make matters worse, divorcees who decided to take another stab at it have a higher chance of breaking their vows yet again, and matters are just worse for those who try to take a third swing at marital life. With that being said, citizens of Texas should be aware that several experts advise married couples to do their best at making their marriage work rather than resorting to the divorce courts at the first sign of trouble.

When one spouse is the more attractive partner

People in Texas looking for a romantic relationship may find that physical attraction is one of the most significant factors drawing them to a partner. On dating sites, people report that they message people up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves. While people may have widely variant views of which traits are the most physically attractive in a partner, social beauty standards can play a significant role in how people view themselves and others, even far outside the realm of dating. Many people find themselves in long-term relationships with people of approximately equal attractiveness, but other couples show a wide gap in their physical beauty.

Solving debt issues may reduce divorce risk for couples

Not many couples seeking a divorce in Texas cite money problems as their main reason for splitting. Even so, a Couples & Money survey conducted by a financial services company notes that more than half of all couples begin relationships with existing debt, and 40 percent say this burden ultimately has a negative impact on their partnership. Couples also tend to disagree over who is responsible for the marital debt. If paying down debt is a priority, partners often experience issues with lack of communication that may further compound problems.

Think long and hard about mediation for your Texas divorce

Are you considering ending your Texas marriage? Have you thought about the many difficulties inherent in divorce? Do you want to keep your family's business private, without having your so-called "dirty laundry" aired in an open court? Are financial concerns an issue for you, particularly the expense involved in a protracted, messy, contentious divorce that drags out for months or even years? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, there might be a better way to dissolve your marriage: mediation.

The rise in the gray divorce: Factors contributing to this phenomenon

Many marriages in Texas and throughout the rest of the country eventually end in divorce. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the U.S. divorce. However, the rate at which those over the age of 50 divorce is even higher. Time states that nearly 25 percent of those going through a divorce are in this age group.

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