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Working With Divorcing Business Owners

Business ownership can add a layer of complexity to divorce. In most cases, your business or your spouse’s business should be valuated before filing for divorce.

At Teller Law Firm, P.C., in Grapevine, Texas, we can assist with business valuation in divorce. With extensive knowledge and experience, our divorce lawyers can help to determine the value of a business and figure out if it needs to be included among shared marital assets. Additionally, we can help with other aspects of divorce planning pertaining to a broad range of assets and debts. Call us today for more information about how we help business owners through their divorces, at 817-612-4298.

Your Business Valuation Is A Complex Issue

During a divorce, it can be vital to find out not only how much money a business makes, but how much value the entity possesses as an asset. Often a business’s value can offset the value of a divorcing couple’s home. Additionally, if a spouse has a business partner that can further complicate the appraisal process.

Our Grapevine business valuation attorneys have the experience required to handle even the most complex cases. We will meticulously review bank statements, tax returns and other documentation in order to properly assess the value of a business. After information has been gathered and examined, we can advise on the value of the business and your options with regard to asset division. If any documentation needs to be drafted we will complete it in-house, saving time and money from a potentially complicated process.

Comprehensive Valuation From Our Attorneys

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