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Working With Your Court Orders

During a divorce or other family law matter, the court will issue a final decree that includes judgments regarding property division, support, custody and other issues. This is a legally binding document, and those who do not comply with it can be held in contempt.

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How Orders Are Enforced

At Teller Law Firm, P.C., in Grapevine, Texas, we offer strong representation for a broad range of family law concerns, including the enforcement of court orders. Our lawyers have the skill and determination required to assist with the following:

  • Child custody/parenting plan violations
  • Violations to visitation arrangements
  • Noncompliance with property division decisions

All decisions in a divorce decree are final, unless either party files for an appeal or for custody modifications. A party cannot withhold custody or assets to punish the other party, particularly if those actions are a detriment to the best interests of any children who are involved.

If you need current divorce orders enforced, our law firm can be a powerful advocate in protecting your legal rights. If you need an appeal or need to modify existing orders, we can guide you through those processes as well.

Divorce Enforcement Attorneys As Advocates

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