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The challenges of child custody exchanges

When divorced parents in Texas harbor bad feelings towards each other, sharing custody of their children can be a challenge. One of the issues that can be particularly difficult for divorced parents is the exchange that must take place for visitation purposes. If divorced parents cannot keep their emotions in check, arguments may take place during pick-ups and drop-offs.

3 things to remember in child custody cases

Child custody is one of the most difficult agreements to work on during a divorce. While you do have the option of going through a trial and letting the court decide who is going to play what roles in the child's life, you also have the option of going through mediation to come up with a plan. Mediation enables you and your ex to work with a third-party to try to work out the details of the arrangement so that you can use your intimate knowledge of the situation to make decisions.

Determining paternity in Texas

If an unmarried Texas couple has a child, it is important that paternity be established as soon as possible. This is because establishing paternity creates a legal relationship between a father and child in addition to the biological one that they already have. For the father, it means that his name can go on the birth certificate and that he may have parental rights in the event that he and the child's mother split up.

Divorce and shared parenting

When Texas parents go through a divorce, ensuring the well-being of their young children is most likely a top priority. Not so long ago, the parents may have assumed that the mother would have custody of the children and the father would get visitation rights. However, social changes combined with a better understanding of the needs of children mean that parenting plans have changed over the years.

Myths and realities regarding child custody and domestic violence

Texas residents may have heard of some common myths surrounding domestic violence and child custody. When these myths are believed, they could hurt the families in these positions, and children particularly are more at risk of exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress into adulthood.

What rights do I have as a grandparent in Texas?

As a grandparent, your house is supposed to be a fun and happy place where your grandchildren can come and just enjoy being kids. However, what happens to those visits if the parents decide to divorce? If your grandchildren are already living with you, and you are providing them with food and other necessities because the parents are struggling, can you obtain legal custody over them? What rights do you, as a grandparent have under Texas laws?

What factors do judges consider in child custody proceedings?

Divorce is a difficult thing to go through for families and the changes it brings about can be difficult for both parents and children. This is particularly true in cases where parents cannot agree on how to divide their assets and debts, and especially when they cannot come to a mutually satisfactory agreement regarding custody and parenting time.

Are all Texas parenting plans the same?

Parenting in many ways is an art. There are plenty of how-to books offering opinions about how to go about the task. In the end, however, every Texas family is different and parents have to decide for themselves if and how to collaborate and coordinate efforts to raise their children.

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