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Tracing cryptocurrency in a divorce

The divorce process for some Texas couples may be more complicated if one or both partners own cryptocurrency assets. Most people both in and out of the legal system are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, and the asset can be both easy to hide and difficult to valuate.

Claiming dependents and tax credits following a divorce

Many things change when a couple ends a marriage in Texas, especially if children are involved. One of these things is how taxes are handled, especially when it comes to claiming dependents and taking advantage of tax credits. Being able to claim a Head of Household filing status coupled with the possibility of claiming tax credits has the potential to add up to significant savings or provide extra cash.

Getting through a gray divorce

As many people in Texas may already be aware, divorce can be a very difficult process that's emotionally and financially draining. This is just as true no matter how old the couple may be. However, the increasing rates of "gray divorce," which involve spouses over 50, has led to many unique issues for Americans close to retirement.

Divorce and business ownership

When a Texas couple divorces, they generally must go through a process of dividing all of their assets and liabilities. In situations when one spouse owns a business, this process can become more complicated. If steps have not been taken to protect the company before and during the divorce, the fate of the company could be jeopardized and the spouse that owns the business may find him or herself in a difficult position when trying to rebuild financially after the end of a marriage.

Learning more about divorce legal issues

Texas spouses who are unhappy in their marriages may be thinking about divorce. While they might first consider the emotional and personal aspects of ending a marriage, divorce is fundamentally a legal and financial process that comes with significant consequences. By learning more about the process, one may be better equipped to emerge successfully from their divorce with a plan in place for the future.

Divorce trends may change with age

People in Texas may decide to divorce at different times and stages in life. Across the American population, however, people are more likely to have some experiences at certain times in their lives. One report examined census information to look at the outcomes of people's marriages based on their age.

Reasons why couples divorce

Texas couples who decide to end their marriage may do so for a number of different reasons unique to their situation. However, there are some reasons for divorce that are very common.

How to make a parenting schedule

When Texas parents get divorced, they may have the challenging task of creating a parenting schedule. This is the plan for when the child will stay with each household. Its purpose is to ensure that the child is able to maintain a relationship with both parents. Parents should stay focused on this purpose and should not try to use the parenting schedule as a way to get revenge on one another.

Divorce acn be financially harmful

From a statistical standpoint, five out of every ten married individuals get divorced at some point in their lives. To make matters worse, divorcees who decided to take another stab at it have a higher chance of breaking their vows yet again, and matters are just worse for those who try to take a third swing at marital life. With that being said, citizens of Texas should be aware that several experts advise married couples to do their best at making their marriage work rather than resorting to the divorce courts at the first sign of trouble.

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