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Change is inevitable, even after a divorce is final

On Behalf of | May 24, 2016 | Divorce

Life changes in many different ways when a couple chooses to end their marriage. These changes may continue, even after a divorce is final. Family needs evolve, jobs change and new medical concerns arise, making it difficult for a Texas family to abide by the terms of an existing custody or financial agreement. When these situations arise, there are legal options available. 

Job changes are one of the most common reasons for issues and changes after divorce. If one parent loses his or her job, that may compromise the ability to maintain child support payments or may change the amount of support needed per month. A parent may not be able to contribute to college funds for the children or pay for extra needs as they once were. Financial strain is stressful and can lead to conflicts between parents.

Circumstances may change after divorce if one parent wishes to relocate. Remarriage or job changes may require moving, which could impact an existing, functional custody and visitation arrangement. Verbal agreements between parents regarding needed changes may signal cooperation between parties, but it is essential that any changes be sought and approved through the proper legal channels. 

Life after divorce can bring peace and eventual happiness, but it can also bring complications long after the final papers are signed. When these changes arise, Texas parents would be wise to confront the situation promptly by seeking the help of an experienced attorney. Post-divorce modifications may be possible with the right help and if the circumstances merit a change to existing custody or support orders. 

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