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How to stay in touch with children after a divorce

After the difficult process of a divorce, a parent and child may sometimes face the additional challenge of the parent having to move a long distance away. When this happens, the parent may worry about how to maintain the relationship. Parents can keep in touch with their children and their lives in a number of different ways while ensuring that their visits remain high-quality even if they do not happen as often.

Sending postcards with positive messages on them can be a good way to let children know a parent is thinking of them. Parents can also communicate using social media, email or text messages. Even if there are times set aside for the children and parents to talk on the phone, parents can call outside these times as well. They should ask questions that are relevant to things the parent knows are happening in the child's life, such as how the child's outing with a friend went. Children may also have their own preferences about how to communicate that parents should ask them about.

How to determine a visitation schedule for infants

A schedule for child custody and visitation is something most parents in Texas must create if they are getting a divorce, but they may encounter some additional challenges if their child is still an infant. The purpose of visitation with infants is to ensure that the child bonds with the noncustodial parent. This can usually be done with visits of half an hour several times per week.

A custodial parent may struggle with the idea of letting the other parent have responsibility for the child even for just a few hours. For new parents, it can feel as though no one else can learn the child's different cries and cues, but the other parent can do so even if parenting styles differ. Mothers who are breastfeeding may have additional concerns. If they are struggling to pump, they may be reluctant to leave the child with the other parent for very long.

High net worth divorce calls for an asset division checklist

As a high net worth individual going through divorce in Texas, you'll have many questions about what will happen to your assets, how your financial situation will change in the future and the steps you can take to maintain your standard of living.

While there's no way of knowing exactly how the divorce process will shake out, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and put your mind at ease. Creating an asset division checklist is one of the best steps you can take.

Financial challenges that could arise during divorce

Many couples in Texas who are going through a divorce are re-examining their investments to make sure that their finances are in line with what they want after divorce. It's not a surprise to anyone that during marriage, problems with money arise. Many couples say that money issues were one of the primary reasons for their eventual divorce. Financial challenges after the divorce can affect people of any age, but they have a greater impact on individuals who are near retirement.

That is why it may be beneficial for individuals who are nearing retirement and going through the divorce process to look at their investments with a critical eye. It is common for spouses to name each other as beneficiaries of investment accounts, life insurance policies, etc. However, after divorce, most people do not want their ex-spouse as a beneficiary. Unfortunately, some forget to go through the process of removing their ex-spouse. This can lead to all sorts of problems in the future.

Why some couples are using divorce to save money

What is being referred to as the "marriage penalty" has some Texas couples talking about a strategic divorce in order to save money on taxes. This is something that is of special interest to high-income couples since they are the ones who have a higher tax liability. However, saving money on taxes is not the only thing that has some couples looking to divorce on paper.

Some couples, especially ones who are not mega-rich, use this strategy in order to qualify for more federal aid to help college-age children get an education. High-earning couples are not likely to qualify for as much aid as a low-income single parent. Another situation where strategic divorce is sometimes used is to help a sick spouse qualify for Medicaid. Instead of exhausting the couple's assets, getting a divorce and then having one individual classified as low income may mean that they can get the nursing home care they need.

Indications that a marriage is on the verge of ending in divorce

For Texas residents whose marriages may be rocky, the thought of ending the relationship may bring relief as opposed to dread. This is just one of the signs that some experts say indicate a marriage is on the verge of ending in divorce.

Another troublesome sign for people who are in a monogamous relationship is being okay with the thought of their partner being with someone else. If the image of their partner being with someone else doesn't bother them, it could be a sign that divorce is on the horizon.

Determining the cost of a home buyout

Those who are getting divorced in Texas or any other state may need to determine how they will split their marital home. In some cases, one party will agree to be bought out by the other. However, there are many steps that need to be taken to determine how much an individual must pay to his or her former spouse. The first step in the process is to determine how much the house is worth.

This is usually done with the help of a professional appraiser, and each person is entitled to have the home appraised by a professional of his or her choice. However, it may be faster and less expensive for a divorcing couple to agree on one person who will determine a home's market value. Appraising the home will make it easier to figure out how much equity it has.

Attributes that could increase the risk of divorce

No one can predict whether a marriage in Texas or anywhere else will succeed. However, research has made it easier to predict the types of people who may be more likely to get divorced. For instance, those who overreact to minor problems in their marriages may have a higher likelihood of ending their marriages. Of course, there is also a chance that they will decide not to follow through with this decision once they calm down.

While no one likes to fight, getting into arguments every so often is actually good for a relationship. It allows couples to practice their communication skills and to set or adjust boundaries over time. If a spouse has a fragile ego, he or she may avoid arguments and choose to seek validation from others outside of the relationship. It is not uncommon for emotional affairs to eventually turn into physical affairs.

East to follow advice on getting past the end of a marriage

Divorce can be a traumatic event for anyone who experiences it. However, it is important for Texas residents and others to avoid going into a shell when their marriage ends. Ideally, individuals will work with professional therapists or others who they trust to work through their feelings. It may also be a good idea to work with a financial adviser who will likely take an objective approach to decisions such as selling a home.

Those who have just ended their marriages should understand that it can take time to get past their trauma. However, there will likely come a point where an individual will mostly or fully move past the dissolution of a romantic relationship. It can be a good idea to embrace the uncertainty and chaos that can come with a divorce. In some cases, it will force a person to grow and gain a new perspective on life.

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