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Legal Knowledge Guided By Empathy

All of our staff members at Teller Law Firm, P.C., in Grapevine, Texas, are both personally and professionally experienced in all phases of the challenge of divorce. As a result, we offer more than simply processing of documents and fulfillment of court requirements. Our clients appreciate our personal service and empathetic guidance.

To schedule a consultation with an attorney regarding your divorce, a post-divorce modification or any related matter, contact us by calling 817-612-4298.

The Ways We Help Clients

When you choose an attorney to represent you through your divorce, you want to know that they will help you through all of the challenges that may arise along the way. Because not all attorneys offer their clients the same level of representation, it pays to know just what level of service you can expect from your family law lawyer.

We are proud of the work we do for the people in our community, and we want to continue helping people who need us. We are well-qualified and well-prepared to help you confront and handle aspects of divorce such as the following:

  • The importance of obtaining key documents while they are still accessible
  • Strategies for retaining important pieces of personal property early in the process of separation, in anticipation of property settlement negotiations
  • Efficient yet thorough ways of preparing necessary documentation of assets, including 401(k) and pension plans, real estate, retirement funds, stock options
  • Means of protecting your legal rights in all areas without escalating the tension
  • Collaborative law as a family-centered conflict resolution mechanism
  • Preparing our case to negotiate from a position of strength
  • Using mediation to resolve problems privately and amicably
  • The nature of Texas community property laws and determination of the validity of any prenuptial agreement
  • Issues for married people with children but wanting to live apart, such as SAPCR cases
  • Means of determining where your children live, the child support and spousal support (alimony) agreements that will meet court requirements as well as individual family needs
  • Obtaining or defending against protective orders

We remain focused on our clients’ goals at all times. We know that divorce is a difficult process, and we aim to lighten the burden rather than create new ones. Perhaps mediation is the right route for your divorce; we can help you make this decision.

Our Firm Is Looking Out For You

We are accessible, dependable and understanding of emotional as well as legal issues. Schedule a consultation by contacting us through email or by phone. You can call our direct line at 817-612-4298.