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The Difference Collaboration Makes

Collaborative law is a powerful, binding, yet nonlitigation approach to solving legal problems. The collaborative process works well for divorcing parties with children who hope to maintain a positive post-divorce relationship for their children’s benefit. For more information about collaborative law please visit the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas ( website or read our collaborative law article to see if this method might be right for you.

Call 817-612-4298 to reach the Teller Law Firm, P.C., in Grapevine, Texas. We can assist with the collaborative law process to resolve divorce or other family law concerns. To achieve a positive result through collaborative law, the parties’ attorneys must be properly trained and follow a highly structured process. Our attorneys are trained in collaborative law, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. We can navigate the collaborative law road map to guide both parties to amicably reach a settlement and resolve any conflicts that may arise during the process.

A Healthier Approach To Family Law

Collaborative law is better than trial for parties who want to resolve their family law disputes privately, “outside of the system,” in an amicable and respectful setting. Collaborative law relies on an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, cooperation and professionalism. Collaborative divorce meetings are private and are customized to the particular parties’ issues and goals. With an emphasis on acknowledging the legitimate needs of both sides in a divorce, clients and their attorneys focus on creating win-win scenarios in an atmosphere of realistic expectations.

Divorcing spouses or separating parents can customize settlements to fit with their family’s particular situation, rather than being confined to what a court may decree regarding child custody and spousal support.

Working Together To Build A Future

Collaborative law or divorce mediation can help you achieve a favorable resolution in a family law dispute. Our firm represents the clients’ interests and addresses the needs and concerns of the other parties in order to arrive at a “win-win” solution. Although most of our clients reach a resolution before trial, we will go to trial if necessary to meet our clients’ goals.

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