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Establishing parenting rules after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Divorce

Texas parents whose marriages have ended usually understand the importance of looking out for the best interest of their children. Emotions run high, and the experience can be traumatic for kids. One way of providing a sense of security and safety to children is for the parents to come to an agreement about certain standards of behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes parents disagree on rules for the kids, which can lead to confusion for the children and increased hostilities between parents.

One controversial child-rearing issue these days is that of “screen time.” Many parents and experts believe that it is not good for children, particularly young children, to spend too much time in front of a computer or on a tablet. However, the question of how much is too much is often debated.

Situations have developed in which one parent believes that a child is spending too much time online or playing the game, such as Pokémon Go. The other parent, however, disagrees and is more permissive in allowing children access to electronic devices. Over time, friction over this issue can erode the couple’s relationship.

Ideally, issues such as these can be worked out between the parents with no outside interference. In some cases, a professional mediator can be called in to help parents work out rules that are agreeable to everyone. If the parents are unable to resolve the issue on their own, going to court remains an option.

A parent who is unable to resolve these types of issues may benefit from speaking with an experienced divorce attorney. Legal counsel could review the client’s circumstances and make recommendations as to a good strategy for addressing child-rearing conflicts. If necessary, the attorney may also be able to assist in seeking a parenting time agreement modification.