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How to help a child adjust to a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Divorce

When Texas parents get a divorce, they might worry about how their children will be affected. However, they can take steps to minimize trauma and disruption to their children’s lives. It is important to try to keep things as consistent as possible. Some changes, including new partners for parents, new schools and a new residence, might be impossible to avoid. However, if parents can work to reduce any unnecessary disruptions and help children through transitions, the process might be less difficult for all involved.

Parents should also try to reduce conflicts with one another. This includes avoiding arguing or saying negative things in front of their children, who should be able to maximize their time with their parents and have it be as stress-free as possible.

Parents should be careful that in working through the divorce and trying to take care of their children they do not also neglect themselves. Self-care is important. The process is hard on everyone, and when parents reduce their own stress, they will be in a better position to support their children.

An area that is often fraught with conflict is the question of parenting time after the marriage ends. Ideally, parents might be able to negotiate child custody agreements with one another instead of going before a judge to decide. Even if parents are experiencing conflict, they might be able to reduce that conflict through mediation. Parents may decide that joint physical custody is the best solution, or they might agree that a parent who has fewer obligations and demands on their time should have primary physical custody with a robust visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent. The couple may want to have the assistance of their respective family law attorneys when negotiating an appropriate plan.