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Preventing child custody disputes during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Child Custody

Texas parents who are in the midst of a heated divorce may find it difficult to put their children first, especially if emotions are running high. However, it is important that they try to put their differences aside so that their kids can have a happy, stable childhood.

One way that parents can work together to raise their children even when they are no longer married is to create a parenting plan. This should cover who the children will be staying with when, how extracurricular activities will be handled and where the child exchange will take place. The plan may also cover basic rules for both homes so that the children know exactly what is expected of them. Additionally, a good parenting plan also includes how parents can amicably resolve disputes without resorting to explosive arguments.

In order for a parenting plan to work well, parents must be able to trust each other and follow specific rules. These rules include never venting about the divorce or any disputes with the kids or talking negatively about the other parent to the kids. Further, parents should avoid using the kids as messengers, as this often puts the children in a difficult position.

When there are child custody issues in a divorce, any disputes can quickly become heated. A family law attorney may assist with negotiating a parenting plan and a custody agreement that allows the parent to maintain positive relationships with the children. If there is evidence that the other parent is attempting to alienate the children by talking badly about the parent or refuses to exchange the children when their parenting time is done, the attorney may return to court to seek a solution.