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The challenges of child custody exchanges

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2017 | Child Custody

When divorced parents in Texas harbor bad feelings towards each other, sharing custody of their children can be a challenge. One of the issues that can be particularly difficult for divorced parents is the exchange that must take place for visitation purposes. If divorced parents cannot keep their emotions in check, arguments may take place during pick-ups and drop-offs.

Because children are present at a child custody exchange, it is especially important for parents to try to keep calm. If the situation becomes hostile, children could witness screaming and even physical violence. It is not uncommon for the behavior of a parent at child custody exchanges to be brought up in court, and harmful behavior could cost parents their custody rights.

A child custody exchange may be used as an opportunity for divorced parents to discuss their child. However, discussions about school, parenting strategies, changes to the parenting schedule or vacation plans could become heated arguments. In some cases, parents will call law enforcement officers to the scene of child custody exchanges as a way to prevent the escalation of arguments. Law enforcement officers may document what happens at a child custody exchange, but they can only become involved if someone breaks the law.

A divorced parent may decide that child custody exchanges are not the best venue for parenting discussions due to the potential for the child to witness arguments. An attorney may be able to help a divorced parent in this situation to negotiate a parenting plan that includes provisions about where discussions should take place and how disagreements should be resolved. A parenting plan may also include a provision that requires visitation exchanges to take place in a neutral location such as a public park.