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Going through a divorce in Texas when child custody is involved

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Child Custody

March is the leading month for divorce filings, according to a University of Washington study. This month, which is right in the thick of the school year, may seem more convenient for parents looking to divorce in Texas. However, waiting until the summer months when school is out may actually be easier for some kids.

Studies on the lasting effects of divorce suggest it’s the visible anger between separating parents that often becomes difficult for children. Experts suggest that parents ease the transition by making a pack to stay civil in front of the children, determine the best living arrangements, and attend family counseling sessions. Another option for couples is to consider a low-conflict, collaborative divorce where efforts are made to work through details together as much as possible.

When a divorce in Texas involves child custody, the attorney will likely make an attempt to reduce emotional stress for everyone involved. For instance, putting a living arrangement agreement in place before a final order is issued by the court may ease some uncertainty for the children. Temporary custody and support orders may also minimize issues with financial obligations. A family law attorney can prepare any required documents to complete these processes.

Litigation isn’t always necessary to make all divorce-related decisions. Even so, a lawyer may still act as a mediator between parents to negotiate mutually agreeable terms. When courts are involved, an attorney could help sort out legal custody options, including whether or not shared or partial custody is a possibility. Assistance can also be provided with preparing parenting plans and permanent custody arrangements that consider the best interests of the child.