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Husbands who work are less likely to get divorced

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Divorce

Changes in attitudes toward marriage since the 1970s have made it easier for women in Texas and elsewhere to split from their husbands. Economic independence has also made it easier for women to leave a marriage that does not meet their needs. However, a study from a Harvard professor published in American Sociological Review suggests that the success or failure of a marriage may hinge on whether a husband is employed.

In a given year, a man who has a job has a 2.5 percent chance of getting divorced. This is compared to a 3.3 percent chance of an unemployed man getting divorced in a given year. One explanation for this statistic is that women still expect their husbands to be breadwinners even as they enter the working world for themselves. If a husband isn’t making money, it could put strain on the relationship as a whole.

While the study didn’t look at the financial impact of a husband being unemployed, it may be easy to see how the lack of a steady paycheck may impact a relationship. Without a steady income, it may be difficult to pay bills on time, and that could cause a drop in a person’s credit score. A low credit score may then make it harder to apply for a home loan or get low car insurance rates.

A divorce may mean that people have to consider how marital property should be divided or how parental duties should be divided if he or she has children. In some cases, it may be possible to settle property division or other issues amicably without going to court. However, if the need for litigation arises, people may benefit from talking with an attorney to learn about their rights.