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Coping strategies for children to deal with divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Divorce

Good communication can be an important tool for Texas parents who want to help their children adjust to a divorce. Parents should try to talk to children about the divorce early on because children will notice signs such as parents sleeping in separate bedrooms or one parent moving out. They need reassurance that the divorce is not their fault and that their parents will still take care of them. Their questions should be answered, and if children do not ask questions, parents should regularly check in with them and keep the lines of communication open.

Children may be grieving in their own way. In some cases, this might require a therapist, and parents should not hesitate to get outside help if necessary. This extends to themselves as well. Self-care for parents is important so that they have the resources to continue helping their children.

Parents should avoid engaging in conflict with one another in front of their children or involving their children in conflict in any way. This includes not using children as messengers or to manipulate one another. Flexibility during this time is important. Appointments will be missed, and unless it is a consistent, ongoing problem, parents are better off letting these mistakes go instead of escalating conflict.

Negotiating child custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. Arrangements for child custody and visitation can be approached in a number of ways depending on the situation. For example, even if parents are not getting along, it may be possible to work out a joint custody agreement with the assistance of a mediator. If one parent is genuinely unfit due to issues such as domestic violence or substance abuse, a judge may order only supervised visitations for that parent.