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Co-parenting can be a difficult yet achievable task

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Child Custody

Co-parenting after a divorce can be a difficult process for Texas estranged couples. Because people can have a variety of emotional reactions to their ex-partner, these can be easily reflected in the parenting relationship as well. Sometimes those difficulties can be as simple as pain over the past marital problems, but sometimes they can reflect serious concerns about abuse, irresponsibility, alienation of the children or addiction.

This kind of difficult co-parenting relationship can add even more problems to the already complex environment of a divorce. However, there can be a few guidelines to help former partners do what’s best for their children, even when one of the parents is difficult or problematic.

It can be important to make priorities as a parent, which includes putting the interests of the children over prior issues from the marriage. This can help former partners to navigate problems with fewer intense emotions. In addition, being aware of triggers for negative behavior or arguments can help former partners to avoid those issues as often as possible. Limited communication focused on the children rather than relationship issues can also help co-parents to remain focused on their children’s current concerns. Parents should take pains to not disparage each other in front of their children.

To this end, former partners can support their children’s relationship with their co-parent, absent abuse, addiction or other serious concerns. This can also mean that each co-parent keeps strong boundaries around their own personal lives, including new dating relationships. Thorough co-parenting agreements can help to avoid child custody battles and set a groundwork for future positive interaction. A family law attorney can often assist a client in preparing one.