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Divorce doesn’t have to mean separation from children

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Child Custody

When heading into a divorce, a Texas father’s greatest fear may be losing his connection with his children. Going from being part of one’s children’s daily lives to seeing them only part-time can be emotionally difficult as well as logistically draining. In fact, concerns about access to children can keep many parents in relationships long after they would have chosen a divorce otherwise. However, there are mechanisms to help to ensure that the parent-child relationship remains fully intact despite a marital split.

In fact, divorced dads can even improve their relationship with their children after a marriage ends. One of the best tools for ensuring a continuing, successful parental relationship can be coming into the situation ready for full participation in shaping a custody arrangement. While parents can have an array of visitation or shared living options, the best choice can vary widely for families. However, on many occasions, the best results can be achieved when divorcing parents work together with their respective lawyers to set up a parenting plan.

A parenting plan based on a mutual agreement can be approved by the court so long as it is realistic and adheres to state law and the best interests of the children. However, even the most solid parenting plan is only the first step in ensuring a close relationship with children after divorce. It’s important for co-parents to be able to share information with one another, especially when it comes to the medical, educational, emotional and other extracurricular needs of the children.

When parents decide to end their marriage, it doesn’t need to be a devastating option for their children. Having separate legal representation and guidance in developing a parenting plan can help ease what is often a difficult transition.