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Divorce in January

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Divorce

Texas couples who file for divorce at the beginning of the new year join many others who create a sharp spike in the number of divorce filings. While researchers at the University of Washington have determined that the majority of divorces actually occur in March and August, it is during the month of January when the courts have to handle a substantial increase in filings.

According to many legal practitioners, the reason responsible for this trend is the idea that people are reluctant to start a divorce during holidays. For couples who have started to entertain the idea of going their separate ways before the holidays, they will make an effort to remain married until the end of the year so that the family will be able to be whole for a final holiday season . This is especially true for couples who have children.

According to one attorney, January is an ideal time to reconsider a marriage. Because people tend to be emotional during the holidays, individuals who are angry and discontent being married will experience an heightening of those feelings. Other individuals may allow the jovial atmosphere of the holidays to convince them that they may be able to fix their marriage, only to be faced with harsh reality of their situation after the holidays end.

A family law attorney may assist clients who are facing the end of a marriage with obtaining their desired settlement terms regarding a wide range of legal issues. In many cases, counsel can help to negotiate an overall settlement agreement that addresses property division, alimony, and custody and visitation.