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Divorce process restricts finances and traveling with children

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce in Texas generally takes several months or more to complete. During the legal process of splitting assets, establishing child custody and negotiating the other details of the divorce settlement, laws impose restrictions meant to prevent spouses from moving assets, losing insurance coverage or kidnapping children.

People pursuing a divorce may use their money to pay for life necessities such as rent and groceries, but they must not sell property, empty out bank accounts or make excessive credit card purchases. Any suspicious financial activity could be challenged by the former spouse and potentially require someone to reimburse the other party. All assets, marital and nonmarital, must go through a legal review that will determine the division of property.

Insurance coverage represents another costly issue. People often want to remove their former partners from insurance policies as soon as possible because of the expense. Health and automobile insurance, however, must remain unchanged until a court completes a divorce.

Traveling with children, especially out of the country, could trigger concerns about kidnapping. Without the completion of a custody agreement, parents must take care to avoid breaking the law. They generally cannot leave the state with their children, even for a short trip, without the written consent of the other parent.

With legal advice, a person might avoid violating laws during a divorce. An attorney could help negotiate short-term agreements about money or traveling with a child before the completion of a divorce settlement. This guidance could prevent problems that might draw out the process and create unexpected expenses. Services from an attorney could include handling conversations with a former partner, preparing court paperwork and suggesting compromises that could reduce disputes down the road.