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Rules for parenting after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Child Custody

Texas parents who are getting divorced might worry about raising their kids after custody and support issues are settled. While the tension that caused the divorce might still be present, parenting, which is about the children and not the adults, can be done peacefully and successfully by following some rules.

The first rule for parenting after divorce is to keep focused on the children’s best interests. Even as child custody issues are debated and negotiated, the results should focus on how to make the transition to life after divorce easier for the children. The second rule is consistency. This includes deciding house rules that should be followed in both homes. To avoid conflicts between the parents, the house rules should be general while still providing space for each ex’s parenting style. The third rule is open, honest and positive communication between the parents. Technology can be helpful here as parents can use text messaging and other apps to communicate about their children and avoid face-to-face confrontations.

The fourth rule is to be organized. Once a parenting plan is designed, both households can display calendars that detail when the children move from home to home, where they spend their holidays and other important events. The fifth rule is to keep the children out of anything related to the divorce. This means refraining from being negative about the other parent while still being honest when the children ask questions about why the marriage ended.

During the divorce process, parents might also contact a lawyer who can provide them with information about family law. A lawyer can also offer representation in all divorce-related legal matters.