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Prenups can work for most couples

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2018 | Divorce

Those in Texas who are about to get married could benefit from having a prenuptial agreement. They are generally valid as long as both parties to an agreement have the chance to review them with legal counsel. Anyone who owns a company prior to getting married may be able to preserve ownership of the organization with such an agreement. It may also keep a former spouse from being a partner in the company after the marriage ends.

When one spouse makes more than the other, the agreement can help the lower-earning spouse financially stable in a divorce. This is because it can stipulate how much alimony a person is to receive and how long it lasts for. Individuals who acquired a pet while married can use a prenuptial agreement to determine who gets custody of it if the marriage comes to an end.

In some cases, an individual could be responsible for paying some or all of the debt acquired by a spouse during a marriage. By creating an arrangement before the wedding, a person can avoid being on the hook for any financial mistakes a former spouse may have made. While custodial parents may be entitled to child support when a marriage ends, a prenuptial agreement can contain language that provides for the child after age 18.

The end of a marriage may be a stressful time for an individual. Creating a prenuptial agreement before the wedding takes place may reduce some of that stress. Instead of trying to win the settlement or take other vindictive action based on emotions, the terms of the agreement will generally determine what happens when a marriage ends.