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Tips for helping children adjust to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce often requires a lot adjusting for children. However, there are ways for separating parents in Texas to help their kids make the transition. The first step is to make sure that children have as much stability as possible.

Keeping things routine can help children cope with the big changes that are happening in their lives. Parents may have different approaches to parenting, but they can still make an effort to keep some rules consistent between households. Unless a child is in danger of harm, it is important to support the other parent. This is actually a way of supporting the child. Even if parents disagree about a parenting decision, they should avoid taking sides in front of the kids.

Children have a tendency to blame themselves for a divorce. They need reassurance that this is not the case and that their parents love them. If they have questions about the divorce, parents should try to be honest. However, there are many details that may not be appropriate for sharing.

Parents should also keep in mind that there are a variety of approaches to custody and visitation that may suit them and their kids. Some exes even keep the family home and take turns living there while the children remain there full time. This can be a good solution for parents who have an amicable enough relationship to allow it. However, there are plenty of other arrangements possibilities, such as alternating weeks at each parent’s home. An attorney can help a divorcing parent negotiate for a reasonable parenting agreement.