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When one spouse is the more attractive partner

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Divorce

People in Texas looking for a romantic relationship may find that physical attraction is one of the most significant factors drawing them to a partner. On dating sites, people report that they message people up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves. While people may have widely variant views of which traits are the most physically attractive in a partner, social beauty standards can play a significant role in how people view themselves and others, even far outside the realm of dating. Many people find themselves in long-term relationships with people of approximately equal attractiveness, but other couples show a wide gap in their physical beauty.

Various studies have attempted to examine how these attractiveness differences could affect a relationship’s happiness and stability. Some research found positive results. A study of newlywed couples in which both parties’ attractiveness was ranked by a panel of observers found that men married to more attractive women were happier and more committed to their marriages. However, other studies found more concerning results.

One study of women found that those who assessed themselves to be much more attractive than their partners were also more likely to flirt with others or feel uncommitted to the relationship. Given that these women reported the attractiveness levels themselves, the results could also indicate high levels of contempt or resentment, both of which are likely to lead to a divorce. Other research found that when couples were friends first, attractiveness levels had little impact on the future development of their romantic connection.

A separating couple’s differences are likely to touch on deeper issues like parenting, financial planning, drug addiction or infidelity. A family law attorney may work with a spouse to understand the effects of divorce and work to achieve a fair settlement on child custody, property division and other matters.