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Getting through a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Divorce

As many people in Texas may already be aware, divorce can be a very difficult process that’s emotionally and financially draining. This is just as true no matter how old the couple may be. However, the increasing rates of “gray divorce,” which involve spouses over 50, has led to many unique issues for Americans close to retirement.

There are many reasons why older people may choose to get divorced. Apart from the fact that the social stigma surrounding divorce has waned over the past few decades, older couples may choose to separate as a result of financial issues. For instance, if either spouse has a problem managing money or is struggling with too much debt, this may lead to a lot of fighting. Alternatively, if either spouse is the sole breadwinner of the house and makes all the financial decisions alone, this monopoly of power can lead to trouble.

Another problem that may cause older people to break their vows of “till death” is simply growing apart. After all, people change over time. This becomes all the more pertinent when the children decide to leave the home and the couple is suddenly left with an empty nest.

In any case, should an older couple decide to get a divorce, they have plenty of options to make the transition easier. For example, they can join support groups that can be a platform for them to talk things out. On the other hand, they might benefit from partnering with an experienced attorney who can help guide them through this difficult time. Legal counsel could make sure that a client receives a fair financial arrangement following a divorce.