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Divorce more common when woman earns more

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Divorce

Sharing finances can be difficult for many couples, and money is often a touchy subject that may lead to divorce for married partners. Not having enough money is not always the problem. Texas residents might like to learn more about issues that could arise when a woman makes more money than her husband.

Some research examining heterosexual couples suggests that a marriage is more likely to end if a man earns less money than his wife. While many ideals associated with traditional gender roles have fallen out of favor, preconceived notions may still exist that suggest a man should support a family and be the primary breadwinner. This seems to be true even when people no longer believe a woman needs to stay at home with her family.

One study that looked at more than 6,300 couples found that the divorce rate in 2016 was around 30% higher in marriages where a husband did not have a full-time job. One study from a fellow at the Cornell Population Center found that couples seem to be more stable when both parties are paid well and make roughly the same amount.

Part of why finances are so tied to a couple’s future might be that financial security is one main incentive to get married. One Merrill Edge poll found that a partner who provided financial security was more important to participants than love. Only those born between 1996 and 2010 chose love instead of money as the defining reason to marry.

Regardless of gender, the primary wage earner in a relationship may need to make alimony payments when a couple divorces. Alimony could be determined by several things like the length of a marriage, whether a couple has minor children and the ability each spouse has to make money.