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Attributes that could increase the risk of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Divorce

No one can predict whether a marriage in Texas or anywhere else will succeed. However, research has made it easier to predict the types of people who may be more likely to get divorced. For instance, those who overreact to minor problems in their marriages may have a higher likelihood of ending their marriages. Of course, there is also a chance that they will decide not to follow through with this decision once they calm down.

While no one likes to fight, getting into arguments every so often is actually good for a relationship. It allows couples to practice their communication skills and to set or adjust boundaries over time. If a spouse has a fragile ego, he or she may avoid arguments and choose to seek validation from others outside of the relationship. It is not uncommon for emotional affairs to eventually turn into physical affairs.

Individuals who are selfish may drain their partners because they are always taking and rarely giving anything in return. Those who act as compulsive caregivers could also be harming their marriages as they don’t want to acknowledge that their partners have something to offer as well. In some cases, the need to provide for others stems from emotional or other problems that an individual has failed to address.

The end of a marriage may require negotiating a divorce settlement as well as determining how to raise a child. An attorney could help craft a divorce settlement and the framework of a parenting plan. In many cases, judges approve the terms of plans that parents create outside of court. However, these arrangements should be in the child’s best interests, even if they’re inconvenient for the parents.