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How to stay in touch with children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Child Custody

After the difficult process of a divorce, a parent and child may sometimes face the additional challenge of the parent having to move a long distance away. When this happens, the parent may worry about how to maintain the relationship. Parents can keep in touch with their children and their lives in a number of different ways while ensuring that their visits remain high-quality even if they do not happen as often.

Sending postcards with positive messages on them can be a good way to let children know a parent is thinking of them. Parents can also communicate using social media, email or text messages. Even if there are times set aside for the children and parents to talk on the phone, parents can call outside these times as well. They should ask questions that are relevant to things the parent knows are happening in the child’s life, such as how the child’s outing with a friend went. Children may also have their own preferences about how to communicate that parents should ask them about.

Parents should try to get their known their children’s friends and their friends’ parents. They can invite the friends on outings although there should also be plenty of one-on-one time with their children. They should learn about their children’s interests as well.

If the parents already have a custody plan in place when one parent finds it necessary to relocate, they may have to return to court. A judge might need to approve the relocation and the new plan for custody and visitation. Returning to court is also necessary if a parent needs to modify the amount of child support paid. This could happen if a parent’s income is reduced. The court must approve the modification before the parent can start paying the reduced amount.