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What Are Alternative Resolutions For Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Divorce Mediation

Not every divorce has to be fully contentious. There may be concerns about how a divorce can sour that healthy and separate relationship for couples who have a working relationship and children together. 

How mediation works

Divorce mediation presents a more neutral alternative to the kind of resolution that traditional divorces present. Rather than an adversarial environment for resolving custody and property division questions, a former couple can work with a mediator who will guide the process of separating their lives and organizing the best course of action for their children’s futures. Here are some of the ways a couple may benefit from a collaborative divorce:

  • The mediation process gives more control and flexibility as they resolve their issues. 
  • Mediation shows a higher success rate for producing satisfying compromises for both of the divorcing parties. 
  • The timespan necessary for resolving a divorce is much shorter than in a contentious divorce.  
  • For couples concerned about privacy in high-asset divorces, mediation offers greater confidentiality and the control to keep specific information and disclosures from the public eye.
  • If there’s an item that a couple cannot resolve together, they can choose to go to court for that specific item while deciding on other items beforehand.

Creating a future you want to live in

Though there are certainly costs to mediation, these expenditures may pale compared to the losses that can come from a drawn-out proceeding in a family court. If you’re considering a divorce, explore the options for a mediated resolution.