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Ways to help kids adjust to a move in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Divorce

Divorcing parents might need a bit of help when it comes to preparing their children for living in a new home and area.

When parents divorce, it might be necessary for one, or both, of them to move to a different house in a different geographic location. Not only that, but kids might have to join their parents in their move to a different house in Texas. While such a transition can be difficult for everyone involved, it can be especially rough on kids. Knowing how to help them can ease the process and bring a great deal of peace of mind.

Prepare them

Parents should make sure kids are properly prepared for their move. This means letting kids know ASAP about the move and the reason for it, at least a month in advance. Besides going over differences, it is also important to let kids know what will remain unchanged, as this can serve as a type of emotional anchor. Taking pictures of the old house and their old room can also keep kids from missing out, and that is especially true for children who split their time between two homes.

Focus on the positive

Divorcing parents should do everything they can to put a majority of their focus on the positive aspects of living in a new home. A new neighborhood means new areas to explore, new friends to make and new things to see. Something else to think about is the fact that the child will still have mom and/or dad with them the entire time. Some kids will have an easier time dealing with the change than others, but in both conditions, parents should be sure to do their part to accentuate the benefits to help their kids’ emotional well-being.

Let them vent

Even by following the above tips, there is no guarantee children will not cry, become upset or whine about the move. Parents should be fully aware of this and understand that sometimes they have will have no choice but to let their son or daughter get out their emotions however they feel them. Sometimes, feelings of longing and missing someone or something have to run their course, and there is little parents can do to prevent this.

Give children a proper preview

Divorcing parents should be sure to take their kids to their new home before it is time to move. Kids’ minds and imaginations can run rampant with possibilities, and letting them physically see their new residence and neighborhood can help manage their expectations and better prepare them for their move. This step can even get kids excited when they see how much there is to see and do in their new community.

The above tips are great for kids, but Texas parents sometimes need a bit of guidance as well. Sometimes getting in touch with an attorney to discuss legal options and best moves can provide a great deal of reassurance.