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When Parents And Kids Live In Different States

We live in a mobile society, so it is common for people to move far distances — particularly for work, remarriage or other circumstances. If you have children, however, this can complicate custody arrangements during a divorce or require modification to existing parenting plans.

At Teller Law Firm, P.C., in Grapevine, Texas, we have the knowledge and experience required to handle the complexities of interstate child custody cases. Our lawyers understand the difficult emotional situations that these issues can create and will work with you to find the custody adjustment that is the best solution for your family and in your children’s best interests.

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Interstate Custody Dispute Attorneys

Due to the emotional nature of interstate custody, many of these cases are unable to be settled and end up in courtroom litigation. When dealing with interstate custody disputes, the courts will decide for or against relocation based on what is in the best interests of the children. Sometimes this can result in a custody enforcement order, where children must be transported back across state lines.

Many law firms lack the experience or dedication to handle interstate custody cases. At the Teller Law Firm, P.C., however, our Grapevine interstate child custody attorneys are prepared to advocate for your legal rights and your children’s best interests in court. We also can assist with any necessary appeals to the enforcement of current court orders.

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