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A collaborative divorce process could pay off

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Collaborative Law

The stereotypical Texas divorce may be one of two parties who cannot stand each other, argue incessantly and use their children as leverage to get back at the other spouse. And while, sadly, this is true for some families in the divorce process, it doesn’t have to be the reality for all. Although it may require calling in some professional help, a collaborative divorce is possible. The benefits to the couple are immeasurable, but the children are often the biggest winners.

Clearly, the potential for conflict and all the negative reactions to conflict are ripe when couples are working through marital dissolution. If they couldn’t get along during the marriage, it’s probably not a good bet they will do so during the divorce and thereafter. This is one reason why family counselors suggest a collaborative, team approach whereby the couple seeks the guidance of a lawyer, financial analyst and mental health professional. Each of these individuals can bring a perspective and objectivity to the couple. The goal is to provide a blueprint for resolving potential areas of conflict without resorting to court.

The holidays are especially stressful for divorcing families, but if the collaborative process can show promise under those conditions, it may very well be workable throughout the year. A large part of the process involves remaining cordial and respectful, actually listening to others (including the kids), being flexible and realizing things are not going to be the way they once were.

Settling the key issues of property division, child custody and child support is often much easier when the parties can reach an agreement. An experienced family law attorney can provide counsel and guidance concerning any and all divorce-related matters.