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The Importance Of Spending Time With Your Child

In Texas, visitation matters are included under the umbrella of child custody/parenting plans. However, many people have concerns specifically pertaining to visitation of their children.

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The Best Results For Your Children

Unfortunately, children are sometimes caught in the middle of parental disputes. For example, one parent may kick out the other parent, threatening that he or she will never see their children again. In these circumstances, it is important to understand your visitation rights. In most cases, the courts will consider it in the children’s best interest to see both parents. And, if a court has granted you visitation, but your ex-spouse is denying you access, we can help you take action to enforce the court’s decree.

At our firm, we are prepared to fight for your legal rights. Whether you need visitation enforcement or are still establishing a parenting plan, we will advocate for you at every step. We also can help with changes to appeals of current orders, if necessary.

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