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December 2016 Archives

New rule set to limit child support obligations for prisoners

Texas parents may be interested in learning that in December, the Obama administration formalized a rule designed to reduce the amount of child support debt that people have to pay while they're imprisoned. In 2010, more than 50,000 federal prisoners had child support obligations, and approximately 29,000 of them were in arrears.

Divorce mediation can protect your children during divorce

Divorce is hard on children. It can be emotionally difficult to watch the two people they love most fighting. Particularly in cases where custody or support is contested, children can feel like they are in the middle of an impossible situation. If they are expected to testify or answer questions in a divorce hearing, they can feel responsible for the outcome and guilty about betraying one of their parents.

Divorce after a long marriage

When Texas couples who have been married for decades decide to divorce, they often face specific legal and financial challenges. Unlike couples who have only been married for a few years, spouses in long-term marriages often have highly entangled finances that are not easily divided. In addition, they are likely to either be retired or approaching retirement. This requires special financial planning.

The need for child support for single Texas parents

Over the past two decades, it has become more common for children to be born to parents who are not married. The rate of children being born to unmarried parents was around 33 percent as of 2000. However, that figure has since risen to 40 percent, where it has consistently remained. Children born to single parents are three times as likely to be poor as those who are raised in a two-parent household.

Helping children through a divorce

For Texas parents and their children alike, divorce can be a stressful experience. However, research shows that parents will need to process and understand their own emotions before they can be there for their children. It is common for kids to show signs of anxiety or blame themselves for the divorce. They may also start to act out and perform poorly in school.

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