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March 2017 Archives

Getting a prenup

Texas couples who plan to get married in the future many want to consider completing a prenuptialagreement. Prenups are not just for couples who have significant wealth or who have financial disparities. They are legal contracts that provide a way for all couples to be completely open about their financial status before they get married.

Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your divorce

Divorcing is difficult. Clearly, there are issues between you and your former spouse, or you wouldn't be ending your marriage. However, if you think you can work through your issues to reach mutually beneficial compromises, mediation may be in your best interest.

Federal bankruptcy judge rules on Chapter 13 divorce debt

When individuals in Texas and around the country file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are certain debts that cannot be included. Debts that are not discharged include certain taxes, most student loans and spousal and child support obligations, but debts associated with the property division provisions of a divorce settlement can be included in a Chapter 13 filing. This rule was recently put to the test in a case involving a Georgia couple, and a federal bankruptcy judge ruled on March 8 that a state court had made a mistake when it excluded a property division debt.

Increasing rate of divorce ifor older couples

Data shows that since 1990, there has been a significant increase in the number of divorces among married couples in Texas and around the country who are 50 years or older. Called gray divorces, the rate of couples ending their marriage has doubled for those between the ages of 50 and 64, and for couples who are 65 or older, the divorce rate has tripled.

Going through a divorce in Texas when child custody is involved

March is the leading month for divorce filings, according to a University of Washington study. This month, which is right in the thick of the school year, may seem more convenient for parents looking to divorce in Texas. However, waiting until the summer months when school is out may actually be easier for some kids.

When to get a prenuptial agreement in Texas

Before a couple gets married, they can determine how issues will be decided if they end up getting a divorce. While most people don't want to consider the end of a marriage before it has begun, a prenuptial agreement can allow a couple to determine issues that would normally come up in a divorce. These agreements can cover everything from asset division to spousal support.

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