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October 2018 Archives

Study suggests living together pre-marriage boosts divorce risk

Couples in Texas sometimes prefer to test the waters and live together before making the decision to get married. While there is a certain logic behind this type of arrangement, a new study on premarital cohabitation and divorce suggests that couples opting to go this route are more likely to end up not living so happily ever after. For the study, researchers evaluated several decades of data from U.S. women in their first marriages who were 44 or younger. Their findings appear to validate what's termed the "premarital cohabitation effect."

How finances can end a relationship

In a recent SunTrust Bank survey, 35 percent of respondents said that money was a major point of relationship conflict. This is probably not a surprising statistic to most Texas couples. However, the relationship effects of money become more nuanced as data is further analyzed.

What goals can you accomplish through divorce mediation?

Once you decide to divorce your spouse, you'll soon realize that the process itself is full of many twists and turns. It's common to assume that your case will head straight to court, but this very rarely happens. Instead, you can first go through divorce mediation in an attempt to resolve all your issues.

Tax law changes and divorce

Couples in Texas who are considering a divorce may be interested to know that certain important changes due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will become effective in 2019. This means that couples have until the end of 2018 to get a divorce if they do not want to be bound by the new rules for how alimony and child support will be treated.

Divorce rates affected by profession

People in Texas are often well-aware that their jobs can affect nearly all areas of life, from mental and physical health to relationship satisfaction. However, career choices could also impact the likelihood of divorce, according to one study conducted on the Danish population. Researchers concluded that people who work around large numbers of other people of the opposite sex are more likely to divorce than people who work in a same-gender environment.

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