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Understanding the financial impact of divorce

There are several financial issues that couples must consider when their marriage is coming to an end. As a community property state, Texas law in general requires all assets acquired during the marriage to be divided equally. However, there are a few exceptions, such as inheritances and gifts that have not been commingled.

Mediation provides extra layer of divorce privacy

There are many, many reasons couples prefer the salacious details of their divorces not become part of the Texas public records. Maybe an extramarital affair left someone with a sexually transmitted disease or pregnant with an out-of-wedlock child. Physical or psychological infirmities could have caused sexual dysfunction like impotence that prevents marital relations between the spouses. Or perhaps one of the spouses is struggling to break the bonds of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. There can be quite a few intensely private and potentially humiliating reasons why couples no longer want to stay married.

Determining paternity in Texas

If an unmarried Texas couple has a child, it is important that paternity be established as soon as possible. This is because establishing paternity creates a legal relationship between a father and child in addition to the biological one that they already have. For the father, it means that his name can go on the birth certificate and that he may have parental rights in the event that he and the child's mother split up.

Is it a good idea to adopt my stepchild?

When a Texas stepparent adopts a stepchild, the legal bond between the two gives the stepparent the ability to make medical decisions for the child, seek custody in the event the get divorced from their spouse or the spouse dies and provide or seek child support. Essentially, the adoption process makes the stepchild legally the stepparent's child.

Divorce and shared parenting

When Texas parents go through a divorce, ensuring the well-being of their young children is most likely a top priority. Not so long ago, the parents may have assumed that the mother would have custody of the children and the father would get visitation rights. However, social changes combined with a better understanding of the needs of children mean that parenting plans have changed over the years.

What happens in a divorce when one spouse is a high-wage earner?

It is common for one spouse to make a lot more than the other spouse in a marriage, but how does this affect a divorce? Does it change how the court divides property and debt? Is one party favored over the other?

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