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Change is inevitable, even after a divorce is final

Life changes in many different ways when a couple chooses to end their marriage. These changes may continue, even after a divorce is final. Family needs evolve, jobs change and new medical concerns arise, making it difficult for a Texas family to abide by the terms of an existing custody or financial agreement. When these situations arise, there are legal options available. 

Who benefits from pre-& post-marriage agreements?

No Texas couple goes into their marriage with the expectation that it will end in divorce. However, there is nothing wrong with putting protections into place for a possible future event. There are many financial and practical reasons why pre-& post-marriage agreements can be beneficial, and we can explain if you should consider any of these legal protections.

Divorce advice for people facing the end of their marriages

The end of a marriage brings many emotions and complex feelings. One might be relieved that the end of the hurt and pain is near, some people may feel incredibly sad and others might be completely blindsided by the divorce petition. Whatever a person may be feeling at the time, it is important to take steps with a strong future in mind, no matter the current circumstances.

Protect long-term interests and emotional well-being in divorce

It is always difficult when couples decide to end their marriage, and there are many complicated issues that must be resolved before everyone can move forward. Texas readers know that divorce, simply put, is complex and must be navigated with a strong post-divorce future in mind. Allowing negative emotions and anger to have a strong influence on decisions can compromise long-term well-being.

Understanding alimony: Who can qualify?

Financial worries loom large for many people facing divorce - especially if your spouse was the breadwinner. You may have been out of the workforce for years. Perhaps you quit your job to raise kids. Maybe an intervening disability has kept you from working. Or perhaps you put your own career on the backburner so your spouse could pursue theirs. Now you're left wondering how you will ever make ends meet on your own.

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