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December 2018 Archives

Solving debt issues may reduce divorce risk for couples

Not many couples seeking a divorce in Texas cite money problems as their main reason for splitting. Even so, a Couples & Money survey conducted by a financial services company notes that more than half of all couples begin relationships with existing debt, and 40 percent say this burden ultimately has a negative impact on their partnership. Couples also tend to disagree over who is responsible for the marital debt. If paying down debt is a priority, partners often experience issues with lack of communication that may further compound problems.

Think long and hard about mediation for your Texas divorce

Are you considering ending your Texas marriage? Have you thought about the many difficulties inherent in divorce? Do you want to keep your family's business private, without having your so-called "dirty laundry" aired in an open court? Are financial concerns an issue for you, particularly the expense involved in a protracted, messy, contentious divorce that drags out for months or even years? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, there might be a better way to dissolve your marriage: mediation.

The rise in the gray divorce: Factors contributing to this phenomenon

Many marriages in Texas and throughout the rest of the country eventually end in divorce. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the U.S. divorce. However, the rate at which those over the age of 50 divorce is even higher. Time states that nearly 25 percent of those going through a divorce are in this age group.

The benefits of a QDRO

For divorcing spouses in Texas, a qualified domestic relations order can help preserve retirement assets.

Texas prenuptial agreements can help prevent later disputes

Despite that fact that no one enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, sadly it nonetheless is an inevitable outcome for a significant percentage of Texas marriages. For many couples, it is only after they experience the complexities of divorce that they realize they should have entered into a prenuptial agreement in the first place.

Prenuptial agreements: an ounce of prevention

When people get engaged, their lives are full of promise. They are excited about their future together, and are looking forward to starting their new lives. Before that can happen, of course, they need to plan the wedding. They make decision after decision, picking everything from the meal and the cake to the photographer and the venue. They check off items on the list and count down to the big day.

Parenting plans and child custody determinations in Texas divorce cases

Dividing parenting responsibilities can be difficult enough when parents live under the same roof, and settling these issues during divorce is often even more complicated. In the context of divorce, issues relating to parents' rights and responsibilities toward their children are often referred to under the blanket term "child custody" - or, in Texas, as "conservatorship."

Might collaborative law be the right approach for your Texas divorce?

People on the threshold of divorce often fear the expense, the animosity and the uncertainty of the outcome. But somehow they need to get to the other side of the process and get on with their new lives. In some cases, collaborative divorce, a newer and ever-more-popular method of divorce, can lessen these three major fears often present in traditional dissolution of marriage.

Finding the right attorney for your divorce

While no one wants to deal with the pain of going through a divorce, in some situations, it is the best decision for everyone involved. When a couple realizes that their relationship is broken, they can begin taking steps to prepare themselves for the divorce process.

The difficulty of dealing with divorce during the holidays

There are a number of families in Texas facing their first year celebrating the holidays while at the same time dealing with the aftermath of divorce. Some of the new challenges they face include ferrying children back and forth between different homes and dealing with the feelings and emotions that come from not having the entire family together during a time of the year that most associate with family closeness.

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