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July 2016 Archives

Social Security benefits and divorced spouses

Texas residents may know that the Social Security Administration has rules in place that are designed to protect the interests of spouses who have sacrificed a career in order to raise a family. However, they may not be aware that divorced spouses may be also entitled to Social Security benefits based on the incomes of their former husbands or wives in certain situations. These provisions may apply even if the former spouse has subsequently remarried.

Avoiding litigation when divorcing

When ending a marriage in Texas, one might not be aware of all the available options. While couples finalize a divorce by receiving court approval, not all divorces are tried in court. Other potential solutions exist when a couple wants to form an agreement on their own without litigation.

How will my property be divided in my divorce?

One of the most important questions when seeking a divorce is how will the marital property be divided. As this has a direct impact on your and your family's future, it is important to have to have an understanding of the process before you head to the courtroom.

How to use social media during a divorce

Texas couples who are divorcing should not necessarily delete their social media accounts, but they may want to stay off sites like Facebook and Instagram as much as possible and watch what they say in email and texts. Deleting accounts may be seen as destroying evidence, and all electronic communications might be subpoenaed.