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How to prepare for mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Divorce Mediation

Some Texas couples who decide to divorce might want to use mediation as a way to reach decisions on child custody, property division and other issues. Since the aim of mediation is to reach a solution that works for both people, couples may be more satisfied with the outcome than if the decision was made by a judge. However, in order for mediation to work best, there are several things a person should do to prepare.

Emotional preparation is important. Some people may be surprised by how much the process brings up strong feelings. However, this is not a reason to end the mediation. If necessary, people can ask for a break in order to compose their feelings if necessary.

People should also be financially prepared. This means fully understanding the financial situation in concrete terms and going into the mediation with real numbers. People need to listen to one another carefully instead of preparing a response while the other is speaking. A person should have an ideal outcome in mind while realizing that the ultimate result might fall somewhere along a spectrum.

Divorce mediation can be a helpful way of resolving issues even when there is conflict. However, it is not recommended if there are serious problems such as addiction or domestic abuse, but in most other situations, it may be better than litigation. Parents who are divorcing might want to work out a parenting agreement in mediation as well. In creating this agreement, parents should set aside personal issues and emotions and focus on the best interests of the child just as a judge would do.