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Why mediation could be beneficial during child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

A child custody mediator is a professional who will act as a neutral third-party and help facilitate discussions to resolve legal disputes. A person could be ordered by a judge to attend mediation sessions, or their ex-spouse may request them to do so. Here are some things Texas residents should know about child custody mediation for visitation rights.

If it is an ex-spouse who has requested a mediation session, the other party can decide if they will participate in it or not. Mediation may help them to reach an agreement regarding child custody and could prove beneficial when showing a judge that they have a willingness to cooperate with their ex-spouse. If a person has been ordered by a judge to attend this session, refusing to participate may lead to a judge holding them in contempt. Refusal could also frustrate the judge, which means that they will likely work against the individual.

If a person decides to attend the mediation session requested by their ex-spouse, it is good for them to respond in writing. This may prove useful in the future if the person wants to show that they tried to cooperate with an ex-spouse by giving mediation a go. Those who decide to decline mediation would likely want to explain their reasons in a written response.

Mediation sessions usually last just two or three hours. The mediator will explain their role and then allow each ex-spouse to present their side of the story and indicate the request they have. The mediator will help facilitate discussions and help the divorced couple reach an agreement.

Mediation is also an option for couples who are going through a divorce. A lawyer could provide information about divorce mediation. They could also answer questions regarding child custody disputes, property division and other divorce issues.