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What documents should you bring to your divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2022 | Divorce

Going through a divorce is rough on any Texas resident. Once you are scheduled to meet with your divorce attorney, it’s important to bring certain documents.

Proof of income

Documents that show proof of your income must be presented at the meeting. It’s important to make the state of your finances and employment clear when you’re getting a divorce as it helps for matters like alimony and child support. This goes for you and your spouse.

Other financial documents

Other financial documents, especially those involving joint bank and credit accounts must be presented to your counsel. You should also include anything related to investment accounts that you and your spouse hold separately or jointly.

Legal documents

If you have any legal documents pertaining to your marriage such as a prenuptial agreement, they should be brought to your initial meeting. Prenups and separation agreements outline what you are entitled to in the event of a divorce.

Insurance and pension

Insurance coverage that counts as marital property such as life insurance and retirement account information should be brought to your meeting. These documents constitute funds that will have to be divided during your divorce or are considered benefits.

Debt statements

Divorce means that you might have to share debt with your spouse. If you have joint credit card accounts and owe debt to your creditors, the documents showing proof of debt should be presented. However, if your spouse amassed the debt alone, they would be responsible for paying it back.

Estate planning documents

Estate planning documents are important ones to bring along. You may need to change beneficiaries and remove your spouse from certain documents like powers of attorney.

These are crucial documents to bring to your meeting. Divorce can be stressful but it can be easier when you know what to expect.