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Why divorce happens

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Divorce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 22 percent of couples in Texas and the rest of the nation who have been married for five years will undergo some type of marital disruption. For marriages that have lasted for at least two decades, the percentage of marriages that will end jumps to 53 percent. For the couples who get divorced, the primary reasons they choose to do so seem to be prevalent among divorced couples.

Being unfaithful to a spouse is one of the primary reasons for a divorce. People who engage in physical or emotional affairs with someone other than their spouses are seen as participating in one of the most significant betrayals that can occur in a marriage. Whether it is a one-time event or occurs repeatedly, such behavior can be difficult for a couple to overcome.

Not having enough money and disputes regarding money can also lead to a divorce. Spouses may have conflicting ideas about how money should be handled. Who brings home the most money may also be a factor in a divorce as some relationships are unable to sustain situations in which the woman is earning more than the man.

A spouse who is addicted to sex, drugs or alcohol may also contribute to the end of a marriage. An addicted spouse may prioritize his or her addiction over the needs of the family. Marriages in which one party opts to leave the other due to the effects of that spouse’s addiction are likely to fail.

A family law attorney may provide object legal advice for clients who are faced with resolving highly emotional divorce issues. The attorney may engage in litigation to protect the rights of clients with regard to alimony, child support, property division or child custody.