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Reasons why couples divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce

Texas couples who decide to end their marriage may do so for a number of different reasons unique to their situation. However, there are some reasons for divorce that are very common.

A list of the most common divorce reasons was created based in part on a study that was conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study entailed surveying 52 people who had taken part in a prevention and relationship enhancement program before they got married. The focus of the program was to instruct couples about conflict resolution and communication. The individuals who were surveyed were those who were divorced 14 years after they had participated in the program.

The most common reason for divorce, according to the list, was not being committed to the marriage. Seventy-five percent of the study’s participants pointed to the lack of commitment as a contributing factor to the end of their marriage. One reason given for the lack of commitment was having feelings of friendship towards a spouse rather than romantic feelings. Infidelity is another very common reason for divorce. In fact, it was cited as the most common final deciding factor for a divorce by the study’s participants. Some of the reasons provided for engaging in an extramarital affair included being scared of abandonment, feelings of neglect and issues with insecurity. Illnesses are also common reasons for the failure of a marriage. The pain, debt and the loss of self that can result from illness often means that the healthy spouse has to accommodate for the sick spouse, which can create difficulties in the relationship.

Regardless of the reasons why it occurs, the end of a marriage means that there are a few divorce legal issues that must be addressed. Couples might prefer having their respective family law attorneys assist in negotiating a settlement instead of having a judge make the decision.